Born in Pennsylvania, Luke Persichetti is a recent graduate of Yale University. He recently relocated to Manhattan, New York, to pursue a career in the finance industry.

Who is Luke Persichetti?

luke persichetti charcoal coatUpon completion of his high school academia, Luke attended Yale University and pursued a degree in economics. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale just a few years later. Upon receiving his degree and completing his undergraduate studies, he gained insight into the sophisticated world of finance. More specifically, Luke Persichetti spent a year working in the financial district on Wall Street while he was still attending Yale. There, not only did he acquired the knowledge and experience to excel in the financial sector, but he also honed his project management as well as time management skills.

While working on Wall Street as a college student, Luke came to understand that finance is really about allocating capital as effectively as possible. Luke believes that automation and other technological innovations in the field, disruptive as they may be, will inevitably prove necessary to furthering this goal.

Personal Life

Aside from his academic as well as professional achievements, Luke Persichetti is an avid reader in his private life. With a rich thirst for knowledge, he can often be foundĀ  hitting the books and reading about the latest trends in finance as well as politics in his free time. He is interested in a wide range of topics. In college, Luke participated competed as a shot putter at the NCAA Division I level. He continues to stay active and experiments with an array of strength and conditioning methodologies. Currently, Luke is training as an Olympic weightlifter and hopes to compete in weightlifting in the near future.

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Website | Legacy

The purpose of this website is to serve as a platform for Luke to forge meaningful alliances with like-minded individuals. As a lifelong student, Luke wishes to learn from those who have first-hand experience in fields that interest him.