While he spends his waking hours working and exploring new career heights, Luke Persichetti transforms into an avid writer at night. He has published a number of blogs on various publications over the years. Most recently, he writes and publishes blogs on Medium as a way of keeping his mind sharp. In fact, Luke has chosen Medium as his preferred platform of publishing.

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Medium is a prominent digital blog sharing platform. Users from all over the world can create an account, establish their profile, and begin writing about anything. A multitude of topics have been explored by writers from all over the world. And Luke Persichetti is one such individual. More specifically, he has written and published a few blogs on the future of finance and the American economy. In addition, he wrote extensively on important life lessons he acquired while attending Yale University, as well as working on Wall Street. Last but not least, as a recent graduate, he also wrote about his struggles while job hunting and the challenges that many young people face when securing future career options.

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Luke Persichetti Outlines 5 Common Struggles of New Graduates

For many students, university is a time of intense challenges and learning experiences. While graduation marks the triumph of this life period, it also presents a unique set of obstacles. Graduates transitioning from post-secondary education into the “real world”, will inevitably struggle while searching for careers and adjusting to their new lives.

Luke Persichetti Details the Histories of the Top American Universities

It wasn’t long after the first European settlers first met American soil that they began founding higher education institutions. Although the United States had yet to be established, these pioneers knew their young colonies would soon need educated, well-rounded leaders. In response to these future needs, the settlers created colonial colleges.

Luke Persichetti Provides His Top Tips on Finding and Securing a Career After Graduation

As recent alumni, young graduates have hurdled the challenges of higher education and triumphed with a degree. However, navigating the professional sphere is a complex endeavor. While some graduates postpone job hunting for travel or a master’s program, most exit university eager to start their career.

Luke Persichetti: A Beginner’s Guide to Weight Throwing

The weight throw is an American track and field event which first emerged as alternative to hammer throw. Though it is not a part of any international events and there is formally no money in participation, the sport has an overwhelming draw for those with competitive spirits.

Luke Persichetti on Securing a Career After Graduating

Graduating from college or university is an exhilarating accomplishment that represents the closure of a long and storied educational career and the beginning of what is hopefully a long and storied work career. For many unfortunate graduates however, it isn’t working out that way, at least initially.

Luke Persichetti on Recent Economic Developments in the US

The US economy is in a “good place” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stated in late-March. However, the Fed announced that it won’t raise interest rates any further in 2019 after doing so four times last year. It’s still a possibility that the Fed could cut rates later this year.